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So you have found a "used" Honda s Car and you want to "restore" it.  I will never discourage anyone from trying to bring a Honda back to life, but I can tell you  tha you need patience, deep pockets, and a great network of friends, suppliers and resources.  Like any community, there are people who are genuine and will help you get your car on the road, and there are those who will just delay your project.  


In my experience almost any part can be found, given enough looking.  But the costs may be prohibitive.  In many cases is is more cost effective to rebuild and restore sCar parts than find them new.  In the "Restorations" section are some examples of Honda sCar restorations.  Typically each car began as someone elses interupted project, that was trusted to me, ususally in boxes and boxes of parts.  Take some time to browse the restoration files and you can understand the amount of time and effort a good restoration can take.  


I have included in the restoration files articles from the internet (with the author's permission) where these articles helped give clarity and guidence to a particular part of the restoration process.  There are some great engineers out there, and very good resources.


Each car is very different.  No car is too far gone, with enough resources and time you can restore it to its former glory.  


Chatham, in the restoration files, required extensive metal work with new rocker assemblies, new fenders, new floor pans, and everything rebuilt.  The former owner was meticulous in the disassembly and cataloguing of the parts which helped greatly in restoring this car.  It came from late 1965.


Shoreham, a body shell that was acquired to repair Chatham, was a matching numbers car and engine, a very early 1965.  The Shoreham body was in great condition and became the first restoration project.  The matching numbers engine, was a real challenge, it had been dismantled many years ago and the parts and pieces were not well catalogued.  I brought it to an "expert" who kept it for several years, and made virtually no progress, losing parts and pieces and causing more grief than it was worth.  I have since found an engine builder with a great deal of professionalism, and the engine is back on track.


Aliquippa, a recent acquisition, came to me as a "pristine" early 1964 "bubble lamp" car.  Once we bead blasted the body, it had a lot of work to be done to bring it back to pristine, but the body and engine are on its way.


My goal with this site and sharing the restoration stories is to help everyone with resources, parts and information so you can get your machine on the road.


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