Reproduction of the Paint Color tags for Honda s600 and s800

An item which is no longer available, and glossed over on most restorations the paint color tag.  Have worked with Ishii-san to have this item reproduced for all of the colors offered by Honda on the s600 and s800.  These are well done small scale production.



Part 90459-500-010 20.5mm Starter clutch washer reproduced

Part 90459-500-010 the 20.5mm hardened steel starter motor washer is critical in not allowing the crank bolt to loosen.  It has now been reproduced by Eurasia in Japan and will be available shortly.  I have a small supply of them and will be testing the hardness and performance.  This part is now available in the Eurasia web store 


Reproduction Spare Tire Cover from Ortmann

This is a rare item that seems to be lost from every car.  After some encouragement, Ortmanns has decided to reproduce the spare tire cover for the s600. A big thank you for this one.  The manufacturer had a technical problem producing it in black, so the item will be produced in white and sprayed black.  If you want to capture the luster of the original use a vynil paint that is made for dash boards and door panels.  The vynil paint is durable and has the right sheen.

Photos below, the original part, the white reporduction parts from Ortmann, and the location of the cover in the Honda Parts book.



Reproduction Air Filters for S800

Ortmanns has secured a manufacturer to produce the Reproduction Air Filters for the Honda s800.  These filters are complete, and not the type where you need to reinstall a catridge into your old housing.  The feedback on the quality thus far is excellent.  Mr. Ortmann will be looking at a similar manufactured item for the s600 in the near future



Passing of Pete Rose

I have to pass on the sad  news of Peter Rose's death
Peter Rose passed away peacefully on Friday the 21st.

Peter was the proprietor of Sherwood's Garage and was a maverick in keeping classic Honda's on the road by sourcing original parts and engineering and manufacturing reproduction parts
The Sherwoods Garage in Birmingham UK, will continue to help keep supporting the classic Honda's through their parts department,
but will be closed for the next couple of weeks to mourn Pete's death

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Some S600 photography courtesty of Karin Johnston