Door Clips Reproduction

Eurasia is reproducing the door clips to mount the door panels.  These are very close to original.  Many people substitute the clips off of the early Ford Mustang, which are a slightly different design.


Spark Plug Cover Packing

Eurasia is now providing the cork gasket that goes underneath the spark plug cover.  This is made in two sections so that you can adjust the length for the particular cover you are using.  



The spark plug cover here pictured in Yellow Zinc Plating (lower piece)


Reproduction Door hinge spring

The door hinge spring very often is broken after years of use.  Eurasia is now reproducing this part, but is asking for pre orders as small volumes are expensive.  Almost every car needs this part, so please if you are interested let Ishii-san at Eurasia know that you want them.


Air Filter and Oil Filter reproductions for the Honda s600 and Honda s800

On the 29 of September 2012 we brought you the news of the Honda s800 air filters being reproduced by Ortmann.  They are now arrived and ready to ship from Ortmann at a price of 45 Euros Each.  This is a great price considering the last OEM ones on Yahoo Japan fetched more than $200 dollars each in recent auctions.


The Honda s600 reproduction air filter 17271-506-000 is now in production and will be ready shortly, preorders are being accepted at 45 Euro.  Also reproduction oil filters  15461-500-325 will also be arriving at the same time and priced at 10 Euros!  Just in time for Chistmas?  



Reproduction Body to Chassis Bolts Honda s600 Honda s800 from Ortmann

The body to chassis bolts were upgraded in early 65 to reduce the cabin noise and squeaks in the s600.  These complicated parts have plastic sleeves and a series of rubber washers and pads.  They are now available from Ortmann.  I have also prepared an article on how to use the Ortmann parts and where they mount on the frame.


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Some S600 photography courtesty of Karin Johnston