Chatham Engine Rebuild: Distributor

JP's desciption of the distributor rebuild was a bit appended, as the distributor is a critical part of the rebuild, so I have added to the list:


1)      Bearing,seal,advance test

2)      New points/condenser

3)      Wiring

4)      Rotor and Cap

3)      Coil and Harness

 Firtsly to check the tolerance on the shaft bearing, and the operation of the mechanical advance.


Checking the tolerance on the shaft


Some close ups on the replacement parts from John's site, new bearings and seals, and the mechanical advance assembly.

The Honda bearings do not have the side seals.  Purchasing stock bearings with side seals is cheaper and the selas are easily removed from the bearings if desired.


Again courtesy of John in Adelaide, some close ups of the disassembly, and the replacement stock bearings.






The wire is frayed and worn, replacement made below in the OEM blue color.  In this case new bearings, new condenser, new contact points as well as a cleaning of all of the parts before reassembly


 Excessive wear on the carbon rotor contact, made a new one.


In the meantime with a dremel tool and buffing wheel I reconditioned the bakelite, and repainted the coil, bracket was replated in the yellow zinc as it would have been originally.



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Some S600 photography courtesty of Karin Johnston