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Honda Tool Roll OEM!

A difficult to find accessory is the OEM Honda Tool roll, and when featured on Japan Yahoo is often north of $500.  It is a basic tool set, but almost no car, except the best restorations, seems to have this essential accessory.  


Instead of paying the big bucks, there is an opportunity to put a tool roll into your car without putting out the cash!  Because the OEM "HM" tools are the same for the vintage motorcyles and the Honda s-cars, with a basic knowledge of the precise tools required, and some serious digging on line, an OEM tool set can be assembled using tools sourced from vinatage motorcyle shops and CMSnl (tools available).  Some of the tools are even still available from Honda and can be ordered throught the dealer netwrok.  The actual tool roll was initially made in Canvas, and latter changed to unique pouch made out of sheet plastic.  The canvas pounch or even the plastic pouch could be copied reasonably easily.  


Here are some pictures of the items for those who wish to assemble an "OEM" tool set.


Part Part # Comments
Tool Bag 89101-500-000 Difficult to find, can be reproduced
Jack 89300-504-305 similar to the 600, different top can be modified
Spark plug wrench 89210-542-000  Unique, but some cycle sets similar 18 cm length
150 mm combination pliers 99002-15000  Used in many vintage Honda cycle tool sets
Double open end Spanner 17 X 19 99001-17190  Used in many vintage Honda cycle tool sets
Double open end Spanner 10 X 14 99001-10140  Used in many vintage Honda cycle tool sets
Double open end Spanner 9 X 12 99001-09120  Used in many vintage Honda cycle tool sets
Screwdriver Grip 99003-50000  Used in many vintage Honda cycle tool sets
Common Screwdriver 99003-30000  Used in many vintage Honda cycle tool sets
Screwdriver #2 Cross point 99003-10000  Used in many vintage Honda cycle tool sets
Lever 99003-40000  Used in some vintage Honda cycle tool sets
Thickness Guage 89231-500-020  Used in some vintage Honda cylce tool sets 0.35mm
Tyre wrench-jack Handle combnation 89320-504-000  Unique but can be made up in welding shop



Just as we see tools becoming more scarce, a source for reproduction parts, Eurasia, is now offering a Tyre wrench-jack handle combination 89320-504-000:

















The early tool roll, as pictured above, is made of light weight green canvas, with the HM logo screened on it, easy enough to reproduce with a few sewing skills.  Mike in Canada did do a run of reproduction tool rolls, but unfortunately is no longer available.


The later tool roll package is basically a medium guage blue-gray vinyl envelope. about 30 cm or 11 3/4 inches wide by 20 cm or 8 inches (with flap).

Given the availability of the basic tools, the cover or tool roll would be an interseting part to make as a reproduction.

P1040575 P1040576

The radius of the flap corners is 45 mm or 1.75 inches, and the depth of the pocket is 12cm or 4 3/4 inches. there is a seam at the top of the pocket where the sheet is sealed on itself for strength and tear resistance.


Embossed in the sheet is the "HM" logo although obscured by the "vinyl velcro" closing strip.  The closing strip is P1040574

If anyone has contacts with a shop that could reproduce the vinyl tool roll let me know.


Jules provided an original tool roll in canvas like cloth. Pictured below, the HM logo seems to appear in different positions depending upon when the item was sourced by Honda.


With some clever digging, buying complete sets of vintage motorcyle tools for relatively modest prices, and assembling the tools into a reproduction OEM tool roll, the Japan Yahoo tool tax can be avoided.  Hope this article helps to get you on your way.





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Some S600 photography courtesty of Karin Johnston