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Honda Paint Codes and Information on Paint

In both the S600 and S800 parts manuals, there is a list of 30 paint colors. They are identified with the codes A to Y and X-A to X-H followed by a number. It is a mystery if these paint colors were available; there are a handful of common colors that are seen on the s600 and s800 models, and in most of the literature and brochures.  (picture of paint swatches courtesy of Rick (freaky_blake on the Yahoo just-S froup)

The most common colors are identified by a code on a Firewall sticker, ususally a combination of letters and numbers.


Code in


Color Firewall Code



A  White    
B  Black NH-1   
C  Scarlet  R-2 43060
 D  Columbia Blue PB-2   
 E  Royal Blue  PB-5  
 F  Elephant Grey  NH-4  
 G  Suntan    
 H  Neo Suntan    
 J  Smoke Brown    
 K  Show Red    
 L  Astra Blue    
 M May Blue    
 N Ivory White Y-6 43059
 P  Moss Green G-3   
 Q  Metallic Silver NH-26M   
 R  Metallic Socks Blue    
 S  Super Silver    
 T  Silver Sky Metallic NH-35M   
 U   Alpine Metallic    
 V  Dark Grey    
 Y  Rose Red    
 Z  Non Sanding (Primer finish)    
X-A Harbor Blue   43061
X-B Surf Blue    
X-C Somerset Blue    
X-D Light Blue    
X-E Golden Yellow Y-13 12055
X-F Royal Red R-13 8983 
X-G Pacific Blue PB-31   
X-H Page Metallic     
 X-T Wet Sand Metallic    
   Lioness Yellow    11341

 The most common colors are typified by the brochures below (Borrowed from the Honda Sports Registry site courtesy of Brian Baker). Here showing the Interior and exterior combination available. The Black interior option with the Scarlet, Pacific Blue and Royal Red, the red interior with the Black or White, and the SM with the Pastel Blue and Metallic Silver


 This brochure shows available black interior with the Scarlet R-2 and Pacific Blue PB-31, a Red interior available with the Ivory Y-6 and Black.  For the Coupe, they are showing available a black interior with the Ivory Y-6, Royal Red R-13, Pacific Blue PB-31 and Royal Blue, the SM 600 in the Pastel Blue and Metallic Silver metallic.









 If you have translated a Honda OEM color into a paint formulation that you think is close to the original, please email me and I will share it in this article.

Also I am open to any additiional information on paint and colors.  If anyone has similar information as below for the ealier cars it would be helpful






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Some S600 photography courtesty of Karin Johnston