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Supply of Reproduction Stickers for finishing touches!

You have spent time doing a decent job on the paint, your engine is pristine, and your car is together and running; already a feat for an s restoration!  So how do you get those OEM details that really give your Honda a fresh from the factory look? A well restored engine bay deserves the final touches, in this example you can see the locations of the stickers.  (Picture coutesy of Malaysia Honda Owners club, but the car looks familiar)  Note the clear plastic battery cover that came OEM with the car.Location_of_Stickers



Almost all of the stickers are now available to create the fresh off the assembly line look for your car.  These have been produced, and are available through different suppliers of reproduction parts listed in this article.  The HONDA MOTOR Co. sticker is always showing age and is availabe from Ortmann as a reproduction, very well executed.  (Thanks John for the picture on the left, and Matthias for the one on the right)


The paint code sticker, as mentioned in a previous news cast is now available from Eurasia-ps in Japan (pictures from Ishii-san in Japan

Bottom right hand picture courtesy of Scott.



Blank body tag stickers have been reproduced by Marc here in the USA.


In most cases on the two engine stickers that were used are faded and worn from the harsh environmnt.  These are both available for Export models as well as for your JDM car!  


This one most often applied on the oil cap; the left being the export version of the JDM sticker on the right.


And a sticker used on the rear of the engine on the head, the left being the export and the righ JDM versions


The Radiator also had a sticker with the manufacturer Toyo Radiator Company that was used in both export and JDM models:


And for the alternator rebuild; the Denso sticker is reproduced as well:


There is also available from Eurasia a similar plate for the distributor, for those with a penchant for perfection!



In the Canadian and European market a sticker was required listing the tire presuure specs for the Honda s600.  These are now available reproduction from Marc.  These were mouted on the drivers door.  This item is now available from Ortmann.  Thanks Marc


Suppliers of Reproduction Plates and Stickers:


Cleick here for Ortmann


Click here for Eurasia-ps


Click here for Hondas600s800 (Ricky)




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Some S600 photography courtesty of Karin Johnston