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Re-plating Parts in Yellow Zinc: YMO

Yellow Zinc plating is a relatively inexpensive process and is available from Jim in New Jersey at  Jim has been helping me out with many parts on my restoration, and he definitely has the artists touch.  Yellow Zinc plating is unmistakable, that beautiful golden finish, with hues of red, green and blue.  That's yellow zinc chromate, an attractive, protective plating/coating that covers new nuts, bolts, brackets, when the car leaves the factory.


To source these pieces for the Honda s600 as NOS is almost imposile, as many of these pieces are simply no longer available, or too expensive for anything but a show car.  With replating, you can approach the look of the NOS parts by restoring your existing pieces.  The old parts are stripped down to bare steel and refinished to look like new, with the long-lasting protection zinc plating provides.  The chromate adds a layer of additional protection, and gives your pieces a fresh from the dealer look.


At my insistance, especially for Honda enthusiasts, Jim has added facilities to do larger parts, like the spark plug cover and fuel drip tray.  How about the oil pan?


Jim does a great job, fair prices, and treats your parts special.  He is a modest operation, but is high on quality!  








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Some S600 photography courtesty of Karin Johnston