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How to build a reproduction Honda Engine Stand

One day I was looking through Yahoo Japan Auctions and I came across an OEM Honda stand listed for sale in an auction.  Wow very cool!


Why would this OEM design be better than an engine stand from Harbor Frieght or Eastwood?  A couple of reasons, you can actually build and run the engine on this stand, and it uses the motor mounts that you will use to mount the engine in the car.  Well rather than bid on the auction and spend another paycheck on Yahoo Japan Auctions, I thought why not make one?  Since the engine for the Shoreham car was out of the car and being built, I dove into the engine compartment of Shoreham to get some basic geometry and rough measurements for JP to put together a stand at his shop.  Thought I could use some sttock 2X2 and 1X2 steel and mimic the OEM stand.   From the Shoreham engine compartment I estimated measurements on the drawing.  The front of the stand 25 inches accross (about 65 cm)


JP used my measurements as a guide and worked out the acutal measurements, so the front would accomodate the motor mounts and the rear support would allow the rear of the engine to rest on it, allowing the oil pan to still clear the base.  Minor tweaks on the measurements below, this should also help if you are using a different bar stock than we did.






With the dimensions set, holes for the castors, and a rubber bumper on the engine support piece were fittend.  A little Honda Red paint was applied to give them that perfect OEM look.  Check out the restoration blogs to see the engine stand in action.


The engine stand is really great, not only for testing the engine after assembly, but also for shipping the engine to ensure safety.




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Some S600 photography courtesty of Karin Johnston