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ABCs of Chassis Bolts

ABC’s of Body to Chassis Bolts

based on the new Ortmann reproduction body bolts

Restorations are all about the details.  How to make an old car new again. In the case of the Honda s600, finding OEM parts are always

part of the restoration challenge.


To help with the restoration I have cataloged the body bolts used for the Honda s600 and Honda s800 from 1965 onward. 


The configuration for the s800, is very similar with only minor differences. While the manual lists a myriad of parts, they all look similar, so assembly is not very clear.



From 1965 onward Honda used a specially designed bolt with a plastic sleeve on the bolts to help reduce the sound transmission. 

In the Honda s500, and the s600s produced in 1964, the bolts did not have the plastic sleeve and the pad thickness and bolt length

were different due to the different body and bumper mounting configuration.


This information will still be of use to you if you are restoring an early Honda s600 or a Honda s500.  Part of the reproduction rubber pads can be used on the older cars, standard bolts can be used, adjusted for length but the pads between the body and frame arethiner, and can be sourced from Eastwood or other rubber suppliers.


You can see on the attached pictures, that there are nine different configurations of bolts and spacers. In this picture is a front and back view 

of the same bolt set viewed from the Chassis side on the left, and the body side on the right.  The front of the car being at the top.


Ortmann now offers the parts you will need to refit the body to the

chassis and give it that OEM look:


14 pieces SW17 8mm long bolts 90128-504-010 main bolt used.

8 pieces SW17 10mm bolts 90122-504-010 this heavier bolt was used

at the front suspension tower, front outrigger, rear suspension tower

2 pieces SW14 8 mm bolts 90132-504-010 these bolts were used at

the e-brake area with some different pad configurations

4 pieces SW14 8mm long bolts (behind the seats at rear outrigger)

14 A Large square chassis pads 72301-504-010

10 C Large round chassis pads 72303-504-010  used at grill, ebrake,

rear outrigger, second rear wheel house

10 E Rubber Washer with integrated washer used in most applications

4 D small rubber washer 72304-504-010 front outrigger

4 tapered rubber washer 72305-504-010 behind seats with separate washer

2 F Rubber Washer with integrated metal washer 72307-504-010 wheel house

2 M rubber washer used at e brake

2 N rubber washer with integrated metal washer used at wheel house




The 14 large and 10 large round pieces are all between the frame and the body, and the other rubber pieces allow the body to "float" between

the rubbers with no metal to metal contact.


I lettered each bolt set and descibed them below.  So to use the Ortmann parts in the correct placement compare to the parts book:





Beginning from the front of the car, Bolt set A, B, C are mounted from the body side facing towards the ground:



Bolt A, the pair at the front grill of the car, is a 17mm Bolt

90128-504-010, with the smaller integrated rubber washer,

a round pad and a 13mm bolt.


Bolt B the pair at the front suspension tower, is the heavy duty 17mm

Bolt, 90122-504-010, with the larger integrated washer and a square pad.


Bolt C just to the rear of the suspention tower is a 17mm bolt,

90128-504-010 with the smaller integrated rubber washer, with a square

pad on the chassis, and a 13mm nut with washer













Bolt D, E, F are installed from the chassis facing up;


Bolt D are the four bolts that come up from the bottom of the

outrigger, a heavier 17mm bolt, 90122-504-010, with the a washer

and a separate rubber washer, with a square pad on the chassis,

and a 13mm nut with washer.


Bolt E are the pair of bolts at the ebrake brace, 90132-504-010, they

have a deeper head, two large washers, rubber medium and

large rubber dounut, that is slightly shorter than the others.


Bolt F are the four bolts behind the seats on the second outrigger,

They come up through the chasis, have a separate washer, a tapered

rubber dounut, a round pad at the chassis.










Bolt G, H, I are installed from the body side facing to the ground;


Bolt G is the pair at the wheel house, a 17mm bolt, with the smaller

integrated rubber washer, with a square pad on the chassis, and a 13mm

nut with washer that has friction fit. (Nylock)


Bolt H is at the pair at the wheel house a 17mm bolt, with the larger

integrated rubber washer, with a round pad on the chassis, and a 13mm

nut with washer.


Bolt I is the four rear frame bolts, a 17mm bolt, with the smaller

integrated rubber washer, with a square pad on the chassis, and a 13mm

nut with washer











It should be obvious, but the larger square and round pads are always the ones on the frame supporting the body.  The washers or integrated

washer pads are at the tightening point of the assembly, clamping the body between the rubbers.


Between the attached photos, and the page from the manual, and the newly produced Ortmann parts you can restore the body to chassis attachments to

look like new!



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Some S600 photography courtesty of Karin Johnston